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It can be a daunting experience to navigate the legal requirements of the immigration processes to live and work in a new country. Brazolot Migration Group prides itself on working closely with our clients to make the experience as smooth as possible. We are an immigration company which is committed to assisting individuals, families and business people achieve their goal of immigrating to another country. Our specializations are Trades / Professional / Study / Business / Family class applications and assisting with temporary work visas. With over 50 years combined experience we can assist you in every aspect of your move to Canada. We offer career assistance and resettlement in-house and full relocation services.


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Canada is Top Choice for Brits (YouGov Poll)

The worldwide online community YouGov conducted a poll of the top ten countries Britons would like to emigrate to and Canada came out on top with 67% of votes. Canada as a country is welcoming to immigrants and its immigration policies reflect this. However, there are...

Changes to Age of Dependency on October 14, 2017

As of October 24th, 2017, the age of dependency for children accompanying parents on visas will increase to “under 22”. The age of dependency is currently defined as “under 19”, disallowing children age 19 and over from accompanying parents to Canada, unless dependent...

Changes to Citizenship Availability on October 11, 2017

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced Wednesday that changes will be made to citizenship availability on October 11, 2017. These new regulations allow permanent residents of Canada to apply for citizenship earlier than previous regulations...

MECHANICS – Canada needs YOU!

Mechanics - Canada needs YOU! Why? An aging population and a lack of young people entering the trades, has left opportunities waiting to be filled. Mechanics (along with all skilled trade workers) has been ranked as the number one most difficult job for employers ....

Canadian Immigration Seminar September 2017

Join our September FREE CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SEMINAR online and see what Canada has for you. Register now to secure your place at the webinar. There is a wealth of information on Canadian immigration policies, practices and advice on procedure. We also have information from guest speakers.

Canadian Immigration Seminar August 2017

It is back again! For your family, for you kids and for yourself! Join our FREE CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SEMINAR online and see what Canada has for you. Places filling fast! Register now!

Heavy-duty Mechanics and Auto Body Technicians Wanted!

Be part of something good! Canada has a place for everyone within its big cities which have a buzzing social scene, or smaller communities where you will find nature on your doorstep; or somewhere in between if you like the best of both worlds.


The Toner Family – Testimonial

After 3 years of first applying for Permanent Residency in Canada, the dream is now becoming a reality We flew out to Canada on the 29th September 2016 for the start of an exciting new journey. The stress levels of the whole process, were one of the hardest life...

Mark – Testimonial

From start to finish, the service that Brazolot Migration Group provided was excellent. I first met with Dennis “Beau” Brazolot late October 2014. During that first meeting, everything was explained to me, from how the process works, how long it could take, the cost,...

Alex P – Testimonial

First class service! I was so clueless and lost about the whole immigration process and Brazolot helped me immensely, every member of the team and especially my case officer Chris were always so helpful and they are more than worth every penny for their services. A...

Chris & Kathryn Gregory – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Our journey of immigration started with an impromptu trip from Bath to Birmingham to attend a 'Canada Live' event. After hearing a presentation from another company about applying to emigrate to Australia, we sat there thinking just how unlikely it will be we would ever be able to emigrate to another country. However, we came to learn more about Canada, so stayed for the Brazolot seminar. We are so so glad we did.

Richie & Hayley Highfield – Testimonial

On and off for years Richie and I spoke about emigrating but were not serious enough to do something about it. Due to being caught up in everyday life, education and training, we settled with “it’s just a dream” and realistically it probably would never happen....

Nick & Katherine Rockell – Testimonial

We decided to use an Immigration Lawyer to keep our process smooth with as quick a timeline as possible. Brazolot met this need and more, providing quick responses, clear instructions and detailed advice every time we needed it. Everyone we dealt with at Brazolot was...


Wilno, Ontario – Canada’s First Polish Settlement

Wilno is known for being the first Polish settlement in Canada; Polish immigrants settled here during the 19th century and their culture set the foundation for what is now a fiercely proud community of Polish-heritage Canadians. Polish names decorate the streets of Wilno ...

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