Brazolot Migration Group – The Careers and Relocation Team

The Careers and Relocation Team are focused on assisting individuals and families find employment and settle in Canada. The careers co-ordinators are continually building relationships with employers throughout Canada who are actively seeking skilled workers. They interact with both clients and employers daily, organizing fact finding trips, securing offers of employment and preparing applications for employers to obtain approval to employ a foreign worker. The relocation team keeps up to date on the licensing requirements for both trades people and professionals in each of the provinces, liaising with the provincial authorities to obtain information and book examinations. The team is experienced in immigration and resettlement and is available to provide you with the information you require to make your settlement successful.

Donna M. Vigliucci – Careers & Relocation Manager

Having travelled the width of the country and having lived in two of Canada’s regions; Central Canada and The Prairies, Donna has the knowledge and experience to assist new migrants with their relocation and settlement in Canada.

Donna is fully versed in the temporary foreign worker program, representing Canadian employers across the country to obtain authorisation from the Government to hire foreign workers as well as provincial nominations. Being able to empathize with new migrants is key to assisting B.M.G. clients with their settlement and as a migrant herself, Donna understands the challenges a new migrant faces when moving to Canada.

Donna obtained High Honours on completion of the Immigration and Practitioners Certification at Seneca College in Toronto and is up to date on Canadian employment and immigration.

Samson Dawson – Relocation Assistant

Samson was born in Montreal and raised in a small town near Brazolot Migration Group’s main office called Rigaud. Samson attended Westwood High School and later joined the team at Brazolot Migration Group. Samson is a member of our relocation department assisting our clients with their employment in Canada. | Digital Marketing | Copyright Claims